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Quality Birds has been a leading parrot breeder for over 50 years. We provide you with the best quality parrots and other birds like falcons which are always brought up to global standards. International customers have been attracted to our brands because of our firm devotion to customer needs, values, and satisfaction. Our online store may be your best choice for purchasing high-quality birds, as the selection is diverse and fresh. We carry various products including cages, food, toys, etc. Quality Birds was founded in 1960 by Peter Desnoyers with a clear focus on breeding high-quality poultry that thrives in any climate and setting.

Quality Birds is a one-stop-shop for bird lovers across the globe. We are a family-owned and operated breeding facility, and we have been caring for birds of all species since 1970. We work hard to be your one-stop-shop for all your bird needs. Whether you're looking for a sweet new pet or a garden showpiece, Quality Birds has it all covered. Maybe you're not ready for a full bird yet--our store has all sorts of fun supplies that will make any pet lover happy! It all started when I was 5 and my dad came home with an African Grey that he called "Cinnamon". I loved him so much and couldn't wait to get home, just to visit with him and take him out of his cage. He became my inspiration to own my own flock of birds.

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